Prithor was a male Human Sith of the resurgent Sith Empire and an Overseer at the Korriban Sith Academy. He formed an unorthodox friendship with an Abyssin named Seh-run, who fed on scraps and vermin, until he met Prithor. Seh-run assisted Prithor in eliminating his rivals, and Prithor fed him the corpses of the academy's failed students. Feeding on dead Sith began to change Seh-run, who grew stronger and began to exhibit increasingly violent behavior. Eventually Prithor feared that he would start feeding on the living, and parted ways with the Abyssin, who took refuge in the tomb of Naga Sadow. Prithor eventually created a poison to kill Seh-run, both fearing and pitying the creature the Abyssin had become.



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