The Arakyd Industries Probe-Mate hyperspace pod was a streamlined hyperdrive and sublight drive-equipped pods used to transport Viper probe droids through hyperspace.


ProbeDroid egvv

A Viper probe droid schematic, featuring the hyperspace pod.

The pod was equipped with a fully automated droid brain with astrogation capabilities. It could carry one droid and land at a specific location, though its internal navigation computer was limited to one hyperspace jump. It was routinely launched from an Imperial-class Star Destroyer before entering hyperspace en route to a designated star system.[3]

It was 3.4 meters in length with consumables of up to one month; it had a maximum descent speed through atmosphere of 1,200 kph; and it was equipped with a variety of different sensory functions, including a sensor baffler making it difficult to detect. Upon landing on a designated world, the pod was discarded, allowing the Viper probe droid to begin its search.[3]

Typically, Arakyd marketed the pod at 22,500 credits.[3]



Notes and referencesEdit

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