"Attention 879. Once again, you are in violation of Profit-Sharing Agreement Relaali 374.5.2. Your smugglers will not get away from us this time."
―A member of the Eeook Corporation's security force[src]

Profit-Sharing Agreement Relaali 374.5.2 was a profit-sharing agreement that was signed by the Eeook Corporation, Tor-Ro-Bo Industries and a number of other companies that operated on the planet 244Core. At some point, Tor-Ro-Bo hired a group of spacers to smuggle some semi-processed TOL-type ore off of 244Core, in violation of the terms of the agreement. The Eeook Corporation and the other parties to the contract learned that Tor-Ro-Bo had breached the agreement and in retaliation, they attacked Tor-Ro-Bo Processing Center 879.