This article is about the pirate ship. You may be looking for the Lucrehulk-class battleship Profit.
"Bak! It's a… Blast him, moron! The frammin' Crotok's got a…"
―Druug's last words before the Profit was destroyed[src]

Profit was a starship which was owned by the male individual named Druug and used as a pirate vessel during an ambush near the Space station, Darknon Station. The ship worked together with two other pirate vessels, one named Trust Me and the other called Pillage, piloted by a male named Larken. The three vessels lay in wait undercover of a magnetic storm for their target, a Helix-class light interceptor named Kizbon's Box, whose location they knew due to a tip from a female named Sahr. When the target arrived the Trust Me sent a a binary pulse to signal the others and the ships moved to attack the supposedly unarmed interceptor, only to discover that it was armed with proton torpedos which it used to destroy the Trust Me immediately. Upon seeing the other ships destruction Druug began cursing over the comm before the interceptor opened fire on Profit and destroyed it as well, leaving behind a burning hull.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Profit first appeared in 1995 the article "A Buyer's Guide to Alternative Starships" which was published in the fifth issue of the Star Wars Adventure Journal series of supplement books for West End Games, Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. The article was written by Stephen Luminati and included two short stories to illustrate some of the ships mentioned. The ship appeared in one of these, titled "Kizbon's Box" which gave no information as to what era it was set in.


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