Project ARC

The Project ARC lab

Project ARC, which stood for Automatic Regenerating Cybernetics, was a research initiative started by the Sith Lord Grathan's cybernetics division during the Cold War. It was being developed by Lanniter Droge who was developing mechanical cyborg body parts that had the ability to heal similar to flesh and bone. The Sith Grathan had intended military applications by creating better soldiers.

However, the Lanniter Droge who was the developer of the technology intended medical applications by providing them as replacement limbs for victims of war. An official of the Sith entered into the Grathan estate who was dispatched by Ismar Brengle who wanted to plunder the cybernetics to sell it for credits. Lanniter Droge who communicated by hologram attempted to convince the Imperial official about allowing him to use it for medical reasons instead of selling it.


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