Project Aralia was an amusement park on the planet Aralia. A development team led by Hayzo Trebors[1] became interested in Aralia as a site for a planetary amusement park due to it having no known inhabitants.[2] Trebors secured the necessary permits from Governor Targan of Rydar II in the same sector. The park, to be dubbed "Project Aralia,"[3] began construction a few years before the Battle of Yavin.[2]

During construction, however, the park hit a snag: Ranats, a species of intelligent rodents with an insatiable desire to gnaw on things. The construction manager reported the problem to Trebors, and he called in pest control specialists. Nevertheless, the exterminators turned up dead, apparently killed by the creatures they had been hired to kill.[1] The orchestrated killing of the offworlders provided proof that the Ranats were intelligent, and Trebors thus needed an Imperial permit to proceed with their extermination. Rather than try to prove them "useless and undesirable," as was Imperial law for sentient species,[4] Trebors opted to convince Governor Targan that the rodents were in fact only semi-sentient, and thus fair game if killing them were deemed self defense. The government complied, and the park was eventually finished.[1]

When another amusement park, called Galaxy Ways, opened on Aralia, much of the planet's surface was given over to resort development. Nevertheless, Ranat-infestation problems plagued the developments.[5]


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