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Project B

Project B Walker

Project B was a codename for a Project run by former Havoc Squad member Bex Kolos, aka "Gearbox", on Alderaan after his defection to the Sith Empire. The project's goal was to develop a new weapon for the war in form of a massive, four-legged Walker. Constructed in the Gearbox's bunker, the prototype walker was piloted by Gearbox himself. Republic Special Forces Division General Elin Garza sent the new commander of Havoc Squad to track down the defectors, eventually tracking Gearbox to Alderaan and learning about the existence of Project B from Markus Andarius Thul. Havoc Squad eventually located and infiltrated the bunker and Gearboxes confronted them in his Project B walker. However, Havoc Squad managed to disable the prototype, killing Gearbox and ending the Project B.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. SWTOR mini Star Wars: The Old Republic—Trooper Mission: "The Future of War" on Alderaan

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