Project Funeral was one of Warlord Zsinj's most ambitious plots.

The brainwashing technique developed by the scientists on Project Minefield were applied to large numbers of nonhuman individuals throughout the New Republic. The intention of the operation was to strain relations between Humans and nonhumans. By ordering nonhumans to attack various targets, Humans would be forced to fear those alien species. Non-Humans would then become resentful as they were treated with suspicion.

For a while, the project was successful. Various attacks by Twi'leks including the attempted assassinations of Ackbar, Han Solo, and Wedge Antilles caused the New Republic to suspend Twi'leks from important positions. Two terrorist attacks and an attempt by a Gotal to kill Mon Mothma cast suspicion on that species as well.

Wraith Squadron conducted a brainstorming session to determine the key points of Zsinj's plan, and Wedge Antilles forwarded their conclusions to Airen Cracken at New Republic Intelligence Service. NRI then thwarted an attempt by Sullustan pilot Rostat Manr to crash the cruise liner Nebula Queen. By using his Sullustan subordinate to prevent the crash, NRI avoided causing further interspecies enmity. A similar Bothan effort to cause a computer-induced explosion of a power plant was also stopped.

When Edda Gast provided the chemical markers of Project Minefield brainwashing, Project Funeral crews were captured all over Coruscant. This marked the end of both projects.