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Project Harvester was the codename for an Inquisitorius[1] operation by the Galactic Empire to capture young Force-sensitives and turn them into Imperial agents skilled in the ways of the dark side. It was operated from a secret installation on the planet Arkanis, connected to the planet's Imperial headquarters and the Arkanis Academy.[2]

Zare Leonis's sister, Dhara, was abducted by the Grand Inquisitor as part of this project. In order to find her, Leonis decided that he would have to feign Force-sensitivity in order to be drawn into this project as well.[2]

The only known individual captured as part of the project was Dhara Leonis. Following the Grand Inquisitor's death, she was mostly left alone in her cell until she was rescued, unaware that the fearsome individual who had tortured her was dead.[3]



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