Project Noble Focus was the code name of one of the darkest and best-kept secrets of the Galactic Republic that was in use during the years of the Cold War. These domination experiments were created under an initiative by Senator Tudos with the intention of analyzing the military capabilities of countless alien species. This was achieved by forcing the convicted prisoners on Belsavis against one another in closely monitored combat scenarios. Different alien races were divided into test groups that were armed and equipped with appropriate weaponry from their native species and forced to battle. The winning participants were rewarded with better treatment and supplies in order to incentivize the prisoners, though only for a temporary period.[1]

Only a select few individuals within the political and military hierarchy of the Republic were aware of the project. However, the domination experiments eventually involved several dozen personnel on Belsavis. Most prison staff were unaware of the experiments but the higher-up personnel along with the scientists and guards that maintained the project managed to silence any crisis of consciences amongst those discovered the experiment's existence.[1]

In the Cold War, a disruption came to the project when the Sith Empire attacked the planet and brought about a world-scale riot by releasing many prisoners. During this time, a Republic citizen learned of the existence of Project Noble Focus from one of the prisoner participants and confronted Senator Tudos about the matter.



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