"Protean researches practical applications of alien biology. You recall the genetically modified assassins who came after me? They're only the beginning. Imagine troops spliced with Abyssin genes to enhance healing, or adrenals derived from Gamorrean hormones. Most test subjects don't fare well, but you can see the potential."
―Eckard Lokin[src]

Project Protean was a secret scientific initiative that operated by the Sith Empire in the time of the Cold War. It was created at the behest of the Imperial Science Bureau and worked on advanced genetic engineering techniques. The geneticists worked at splicing genetic material from alien races and mixing them into engineered agents to enhance their natural skills. Thus, the group took a great interest in the study of various alien races.

Much of the data of the project was based on the works of Doctor Eckard Lokin of Imperial Intelligence. They were also responsible for using their influence with the Imperial Diplomatic Service to send Vector Hyllus to Alderaan in order to ensure him becoming a Killik Joiner. Their studies also led them to findings means to create Joiners or remove the influence of the Killik hive mind.

Agents from Project Protean were scouting the safe houses of Doctor Lokin in order to eliminate him. This was because he was conducting his own research on the Rakghoul virus. One of their operatives and two genetically enhanced human agents were killed on such a mission by the safe house's booby traps and died in an explosion. This led to a period of investigation by Lokin who discovered the existence of the project and their involvement in Vector's Joining. Thus, he departed with Hyllus to deal with the matter. Both Lokin and Vector assaulted Project Protean's HQ and "interviewed" the woman in charge to gain answers. Lokin discovered why they desired his demise and how his research was used to further Project Protean and Vector had his files deleted and stopped further Killik experiments. In return for sparing their laboratory, Lokin became the new head of Project Protean.