"Consider, Talon Karrde, a merchant ship carrying three cargoes to a politically tense world: rethan-K, promhassic triaxli, and aleudrupe berries. All harmless, all legal, none worth so much as a raised voice from either Imperial customs or officials of the New Republic."

Promhassic triaxli was a harmless, legal cargo item. However, when combined with rethan-K and the pips of aleudrupe berries chemically altered by the fertilized slime secreted by the Morodins of the planet Varonat, the three innocuous items created a blaster gas as powerful as spin-sealed Tibanna gas. The Krish Gamgalon transported cargoes of the three substances to politically tense planets, enjoying the profits of weapons smuggling with none of the risk.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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