The prophecy pool in Zarrak's mountain

"Prophecy pool, show me if there is a wizard mighty enough to stop me from conquering Endor!"

The prophecy pool was a Force-imbued pool used by the Ewok Zarrak on the Forest Moon of Endor. One of the devices that resided in Zarrak's mountain, the pool showed Zarrak events that were happening outside of the mountain. The pool also had the gift of prophecy, and Zarrak was able to ask it questions, which it would answer by showing images. At one point, Zarrak asked the pool to show him if there was anyone who could stop him from conquering the forest moon. The pool showed him the Ewok Teebo, and Zarrak attempted to take Teebo as his apprentice.

When Teebo appeared to be less talented than the pool had predicted, Zarrak yelled at the pool, believing it had deceived him. The pool shot water at Zarrak in response, but the Ewok decided to dispose of Teebo, no longer believing the pool's prophecy. The pool was proved correct when Teebo used his powers to defeat Zarrak, plunging him into the "Realm of Spirits."