This article is about the town located on Nyriaan. You may be looking for Prosperity, a city on the planet Beheboth, or the starship TAV Prosperity.

Prosperity was a town that was located on the planet Nyriaan. It was the second-largest settlement on the world.


Prosperity was located near to the Prosperity Mine and was operated by the Corporate Sector Authority. The town was surrounded by a fifteen-meter-high wall and all obstructions within a three-hundred-meter radius of the town were cleared, to give the town's CSA guards a clear view. The town was also powered by fusion generators, which were never turned off.

Once a week, shipments of madilon ore were sent via repulsorlift from Prosperity to Locus, the capital of Nyriaan, whilst once a month, new laborers and troops were brought to Prosperity. The town was a popular target for native insurgents, which resulted in Prosperity having high mortality rates.