"Prosset Dibs. His lack of physical sight has gifted him with great intuition. He is as strong with the Force as any Jedi I have known. He will provide valuable insight and reconnaissance for this mission."
―Mace Windu on Prosset Dibs[src]

Prosset Dibs was a Force-sensitive Miraluka male who served the Jedi Order as a Jedi Master during the Clone Wars. He was personally selected by Mace Windu, a leading member of the Jedi High Council, to serve in a Jedi task force for a mission that took place in the early stages of the war. During the course of the mission, Dibs became disillusioned with the Jedi Order and attacked Windu. As a result, he was arrested for treason and sentenced to confinement in the Jedi Archives.


Following the Battle of Geonosis, the Jedi High Council sought to ascertain the truth behind the Separatist operation on the planet Hissrich. While assembling a special squad for this assignment, Prosset Dibs was chosen by Mace Windu who felt that Dibs possessed a strong intuition in spite of his blindness. He believed that Dibs would provide useful insight and reconnaissance for the mission. After arriving on Hissrich via the T-6 shuttle Westwind, Dibs confided in Windu his feeling of unease in the Force as well as his belief that the teachings and beliefs of the Jedi Order were being tested, to which Windu concurred. Around the same time they noticed a group of battle droids patrolling the area. After eliminating the droids, the Jedi were confronted by the planet's inhabitants.[2]

Dibs and the rest of the squad were then taken to series of caverns hidden beneath Hissrich's surface, which led him to believe that the natives had brought them there for a reason. He also believed that the inhabitants had a clue about the Separatists' plans for Hissrich. As the Separatists drilled into the planet, their mercenary commander AD-W4 engaged the Jedi in open battle, causing Dibs to fight alongside Kit Fisto to protect the inhabitants.[3]

Windu vs Dibs

Prosset Dibs challenging Mace Windu

Dibs and Fisto were separated from Windu and Rissa Mano after the caverns collapsed. He insisted that they tend to the wounded inhabitants, to which Fisto agreed. However, they were confronted by a Milodon. After killing the creature, they found the remains of several deceased indigenous inhabitants. Alarmed by the numbers of deaths on Hissrich, Dibs began to question the Jedi's ability to maintain peace and protect others, to which Fisto countered by stating that casualties are inevitable in war and that the Jedi were now striving to mitigate the loss of life. Dibs was not convinced.[4]

After reuniting with Windu and Mano, Dibs confronted Windu by voicing his disagreement with the Jedi's role in the Clone Wars. He also accused the Council of corrupting the Jedi doctrine and proceeded to physically assault Windu, who refused to entertain Dibs' claims, dismissing all of them as "bold accusations" and "grand inquisitions." Dibs then ignited his lightsaber, intending to take Windu's life. Though he felt responsible for failing Dibs, Windu activated his own lightsaber in order to defend himself, resulting in a duel between the two Jedi Masters.[4]

As they fought, Windu beseeched Dibs to cease his attack, but the latter refused, declaring he would no longer serve the Jedi Order and now follow his own path. The duel pressed on until Windu disarmed Dibs of his lightsaber. After a moment of contemplation, Windu decided that the Jedi Council should determine Dibs' fate and therefore arrested him. Leaving Dibs confined in the Westwind, the Jedi proceeded to complete their mission.[5]

A shackled Prosset Dibs was later brought back to the Jedi Temple. Placed on trial for turning against his team and attacking Windu—a Jedi Master as well as a general in the Republic military—Dibs stood before the High Council accused of heresy and insubordination. He refused to find fault in his actions and again expressed his belief that the Council had corrupted Jedi teachings for their own selfish gain. Ultimately, he was found guilty of treason, and though Dibs expected to be put to death, Windu, who harbored his own reservations against the Jedi's new military responsibilities,[2] implored his colleagues to be merciful. He believed that the Jedi had a duty to help rehabilitate the members of the Order who strayed from the light, and therefore requested for Dibs to be placed on probation, confined to work in the Jedi Archives, where he hoped the fallen Jedi would reevaluate his opinions. Dibs, however, remained skeptical of Windu's sincerity and as his former friend walked out of the chamber, taunted him that his hubris would be his undoing. Windu later confided in Mano his concern for Dibs and the future of the Jedi Order, but the experience ultimately renewed his faith in the Jedi's role as the protectors of all peoples across the galaxy.[6]

Personality and traitsEdit

Prosset Dibs was a blind[2] Miraluka[1] male with gray hair and dark skin. He was a sharp-witted[1] Jedi Master who was held in high esteem by his colleague and superior Mace Windu, who believed his lack of physical sight had gifted him with great intuition. Windu also believed Dibs was capable of providing useful insight and reconnaissance.[2] Dibs himself admitted that he had a great mind, and believed his only flaw was his tendency to speak of it.[3]

Dibs wrestled with feelings of unease concerning the Jedi's new role as warriors and military leaders in the Clone Wars, believing it was no place for them.[2] During the mission to Hissrich, his doubts about their new role and the loss of multiple natives, which he felt the Jedi were responsible for and should never have happened in the first place, led him to lose faith in the Order and the High Council. Eventually, his disillusionment turned to anger, and he came to the conclusion that the Jedi had not only abandoned their traditions, but were distorting them for their own selfish gain.[4] This led him to turn on and attack Mace Windu, only to be defeated and arrested.[5]

During his trial before the Jedi Council, Dibs refused to find fault in his actions, insisting that he had done nothing wrong and the Council were the ones to blame for the war and its losses. He reacted with anger to Windu's decision to spare him and his attempts to sympathize with him, believing the other Jedi was simply "patronizing him."[6]

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Like all Jedi,[7] Prosset Dibs was Force-sensitive. He was described by Mace Windu as being "as strong in the Force as any Jedi he had ever known."[2] He also possessed considerable skill with a lightsaber despite his blindness, being able to destroy several battle droids with ease and hold his own against Mace Windu, though he was ultimately disarmed and bested by the Jedi champion.[5]


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