"Xendor sought the hierarchs' permission to create an academy for the study of Force traditions—to tap the knowledge of the Chatos Academy and the Dai Bendu, the Palawa and the Kashi Mer, the Bogan and the Kel Dor sages, the Way of the Dark and the Protectorate of the Hidden."
Arden Lyn[src]

The Protectorate of the Hidden was an ancient Force-based organization. Around the year 24,500 BBY, Xendor, a Jedi renuciate, requested permission to impart knowledge of the doctrines of the Protectorate, as well as from the Chatos Academy, Order of Dai Bendu, Followers of Palawa, Kashi Mer Dynasty, the Bogan, Baran Do, and the Way of the Dark, to other Jedi. The Protectorate's teachings were contrary to the Jedi Code, so the request was denied, resulting in the founding of the Legions of Lettow.[1]


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