Proto-Huttese was a language spoken by Niima the Hutt.[1]

Known sentencesEdit

  • Kuba, kayaba dee anko!—Something like "Come to me!"[1]
  • Man-tah.—"Speak."[1]
  • Sty-uka! Kuba nobata Granya Ad-mee-rall.—"Look at you. You are no Grand Admiral."[1]
  • Uba, Zabrak! Nolaya bayunko.—"You. The Zabrak. You were in my dungeon."[1]
  • Mendee-ya jah-jee bargon. Achuta kuna payuska Granee Ad-mee-rall.[1]—"Methinks we have a deal. You go to the weapons facility Grand Admiral."[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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