The prototype accelerator on the garage floor of the Black Vulkar Base.

The prototype accelerator was a device to be used on a swoop bike. Created by Hidden Beks swoop bike mechanics on Taris, this prototype gave a swoop bike faster acceleration and better performance. However, the prototype heated up far quicker than a normal swoop accelerator, impairing its stability and making it more likely to overheat and explode during intensive use.

The prototype accelerator was stolen from the Hidden Beks by the Black Vulkars gang for their own use in the Tarisian Season Opener. However, it was later recovered from the Vulkars by Revan, who used the accelerator to win Bastila Shan from the swoop gang leader Brejik.

Behind the scenesEdit

The above description assumes the canonical light side storyline of Knights of the Old Republic. Alternatively, a dark side player can agree to help the Black Vulkar gang by assassinating the leader of the Hidden Beks, Gadon Thek, in return for use of the prototype accelerator in the Tarisian Season Opener.