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"I was in a remote part of the Outer Rim, where we were escorting a small fleet of prototype warships on what should have been a secret route."
―Grand Master Satele Shan recounts the Battle of Hoth[src]

A fleet of prototype warships was gathered by the Republic Navy for an upcoming attack on the Sith Empire's capital of Dromund Kaas in 3665 BBY. Led by the superdreadnaught Star of Coruscant, the fleet included ships such as the Vehement Sword and the Sendant Pride, and it was being escorted by additional Republic warships near the Hoth system when it was ambushed by the Imperial Navy. The resulting Battle of Hoth lasted for days and crossed through several star systems before reaching its peak above the planet Hoth, where most of both fleets were destroyed and the Republic's commander Colonel Laren Omas killed. Most of the prototype ships, including the Star of Coruscant, crashed to the planet's surface.



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