Prowler was the name given to two Escort carriers used by the Rebel Alliance. Prowler 1 contained B-wings, while Prowler 2 carried X-wings. The two carriers were attacked by two TIE Defenders launched from modified corvette Burke, followed by James, should the Burke be destroyed. Both fighters carried Space bombs to disable only one of them. After disabling one of them the other jumped to Hyperspace.

Soon two pairs of Corellian corvettes Sharky and Spear followed by X-wings and A-wings arrived to intercept the capture attempt. The Rebel corvettes and fighters were destroyed by the TIE Defenders, while the Interdictor Suelu arrived to prevent escape and to capture the disabled carrier. When the operation was complete, a Nebulon-B Frigate Egale arrived to launch more B-wings and X-wings, but the Carrier jumped to hyperspace to an unknown location.

The event was recreated and used in the Combat chamber to train future pilots, in particular, Maarek Stele.