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"Not every Battle is won by muscle and armor!"

Pulsipher was a Human male Mandalorian Neo-Crusader who fought during the Mandalorian Wars.


In 3963 BBY, he worked as a guard and intern assisting Demagol on Flashpoint Station prior to its destruction. Escaping the destruction, Pulsipher sought to make himself the new Demagol after the doctor was captured by Revanchist scouts.

When Cassus Fett invaded Taris and captured the Jedi Tower, Pulsipher's survey team discovered transmissions sent by the Jedi Order, as well as knowledge concerning an ancient Sith artifact—the Muur Talisman. He believed that it was the key to negating their powers, not the people as Demagol thought.

Using the files found, Pulsipher led a team deep into the Undercity where they discovered the Talisman. He and his team took off on their jetpacks, unknowingly being followed by Celeste Morne, Zayne Carrick, and Marn Hierogryph. On his way to Jebble, aboard the Mandalorian ship Mar'eyce—in order to discover how to unlock the artifact's power—Pulsipher was tempted by Morne to throw the Talisman out the airlock, but the Talisman wrapped itself around his left arm and sent electricity across his body. When his soldiers tried to help him, he struck outward, killing one of the soldiers.

Once the Mar'eyce landed, Pulsipher was taken to his lab to get help. Unknown to him, he had spread the Rakghoul plague across the base. However, these rakghouls were not mindless, but rather they were a more evolved type of rakghoul, intelligent and capable of using weapons.

Pulsipher soon gained control of his rakghouls and had them capture Carrick. He interrogated him as to the Talisman's secrets, as he could only touch a fraction of its power, but the young Padawan insisted he knew nothing. The Talisman, sensing Carrick's Force-sensitivity, detached from Pulsipher and attempted to get to the Jedi. Pulsipher slapped it away, shouting that it could not have him. The talisman then turned against its master, and, all around him, the rakghouls fell out of Pulsipher's control. They attacked and killed him.

In response to the out-of-control rakghoul plague on Jebble, Cassus Fett ordered a nuclear bombardment of the planet a few hours later, which destroyed the ever-growing army of rakghouls and all known evidence of the incident, save for another Sith artifact Pulsipher had owned, Dreypa's Oubliette.



Pulsipher in yellow Neo-Crusader armor.


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