An adult Wookiee holding two pups

Pup was a term used to describe a baby or infant Wookiee from Kashyyyk.[1] Wookiee couples traditionally bore two to three pups.[2] Those younglings were carried in baby-sacks, knwon as quulaar in Wookiee-speak, until they were old enough to climb trees on their own.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the English language, the word "pup" refers most specifically to a young dog.[4] Chewbacca, the original Wookiee in the Star Wars original trilogy, was based on Indiana, an Alaskan malamute dog owned by George Lucas in the 1970s.[5]

According to the reference book The Art of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Wookiee pups were initially set to appear in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, the sixth Star Wars episode to be produced. Lucas cautioned the creation team not to make Wookiee younglings look like Ewoks, and advised them to explore a "Venetian look." Conceptual drawings of Wookiee children by Sang Jun Lee can be seen in the book.[6] However, when Revenge of the Sith was released in 2005, the idea of showing pups had been dropped, and none appeared in the the movie.[7]



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