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Bleeding was the process that a Dark Side Adept used by way of the Force to bend a kyber crystal to their will. This process was accomplished by the individual in question pouring rage, hate, and pain into the crystal via the Force until the crystal turned crimson, resulting in the bloodshine lightsabers associated almost exclusively with dark side adepts. Since the crystals were inherently aligned with the light side of the Force, they attempted to resist the forced corruption; when Darth Vader was attempting to bleed the green crystal within Jedi Master Kirak Infil'a's lightsaber, he experienced intense visions which nearly drove him mad.[2]

Using the light side of the Force, it was possible to "heal" the effects of bleeding on a kyber crystal. This process would change the crystal's color.[3] Ahsoka Tano notably performed this on the Sixth Brother's lightsaber during an encounter with him.[1]



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