"You came here to bring me an' my Rebels into your Alliance, Princess... after today, nothin' could keep us out!"

Pursuit! was the eighth and final installment of The Kingdom of Ice. Because Pizzazz magazine had been cancelled it was not published until April 1979, in Star Wars Weekly 60. This was part of a reprint of the entire story arc in the UK in Star Wars Weekly 5760 in 1979.

Plot summaryEdit

Luke Skywalker, Odan, C-3PO, R2-D2, and Fafnir pursue the Imperial imposter who has captured Princess Leia Organa. Leia manages to disrupt the Imperial attack, allowing Luke to capture the Imperial snow flyer. They use the captured Imperial vessel and their imposter hostage to sneak to the Imperial Polar Base, detonating the snow flyer to breach their defenses and allow the snow demons allied with the Rebels to enter the base.

With the help of Luke and Leia, the attack is a success and the Rebels are victorious. Odan joins his Rebels to the larger Rebel Alliance, and the mission to Akuria II ends in success for the Rebellion.