Push-feather was a game created by the Jedi for the purpose of developing the Force sensitivities of their young students. The idea of this game was for a student to telekinetically push their opponent with the Force and redirect their opponent's pushes until one partly lost balance. The game was meant to attune a student to the slightest changes in balance and pressure. It taught students that it was often better to use an opponent's own energy against him or her rather than blocking the opponent's energy with greater energy.

The Twelve-and-Under Tournament was a push-feather contest for Jedi younglings ages twelve and younger.

Behind the scenesEdit

Push-feather bears a notable resemblance to "push hands" of Tai Chi Chuan(Tai Ji Quan) in both name and in the lesson being taught to the student/practitioner. It would seem that "push hands" is the inspiration for push-feather.



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