"Those who work for me do not surrender. Ever."
―Pyash Yopayomba[src]

Pyash Yopayomba was a female Quara pirate on the planet Ando, where she was known as the Pirate Queen of Ando. Her flagship was the Majestic.

As a pirate, Yopayomba and her crew preyed on the fishing vessels of Ando. She was a very skilled fighter, quickly finishing the skirmish that occurred when they boarded the Nanda's Luck. She killed the Captain when he surrendered and assigned the captured Sissalik as the new captain of the captured vessel on account of his bravery.

She planned to start a planetary civil war between the Aqualish races by using the Nanda's Luck, which was filled with explosives, to ram the Quantill City harbor terminal port. The city was full of revelers of the Portage Moon Festival, and the disaster would be blamed on racist Aquala extremists by pre-planted evidence. All of this would be in the Empire's benefit and in exchange, she was to be given complete control of Ando's oceans.

The plan was foiled however, when Sissalik took control of the Nanda's Luck and instead, rammed it on the Majestic.