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"Spice dealers connected to all the crime families on Coruscant."
"The Pykes. They will be the next to join us."
Pre Vizsla and Darth Maul[src]

Pykes were a sentient species from Oba Diah. Members of the Pyke species comprised the Pyke Syndicate, a criminal spice ring responsible for distributing spice from Kessel to Coruscant.[3]

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Pykes were humanoid, although slimmer and taller than the majority of humans. They had two long, lanky legs, and two arms that ended in three-fingered hands. Their most striking feature, however, was their large and tapered skull, with an undersized face—small as that of a human child. Because of their unsettling appearance, other species always took getting used to the Pykes. The species had at least two sexes, male and female. They had two narrow, almond-shaped eyes which could be magenta or blue in color, and could weep.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Pykes were developed by George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars. They were first introduced in Eminence, an episode in the fifth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.[5]



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