"Will we see mak-tk-klp your holo-sss tonight? We have our q'mai."
"Sure, why not? Just leave the
q'mai in the usual place and take a—a place below."
Lisstik and Han Solo.[src]

Q'mai was a word meaning "offering" among Kamarians living in the Kamar Badlands and at least one population center in the northern hemisphere of Kamar.

During his time on Kamar, Han Solo accepted q'mai as payment from Kamarian Badlanders who wished to attend showings of the documentary Varn, World of Water. However, due to a language barrier, Solo did not know of the religious connotations of the term "q'mai" and believed that it merely meant "admission." As a result of this, he had an unwitting role in the formation of the Cult of Varn.



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