The term Q-Ship referred to any starship that, while ordinarily belonging to a class of freighter or transport, had been outfitted with military-grade weapon systems, deflector shields, and armor plating. Ships that had been modified thusly were intended to pose as ordinary cargo vessels in order to lure pirates into firing range, whereupon the crew would engage the unsuspecting raiders.


The Gozanti Cruiser Krayt's Honor was a Q-Ship that served to protect legitimate merchant vessels from attack. Many GR-75 medium transports were also converted to Q-Ship status, being armed with military-grade weaponry.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Q-ship was a British naval tacticet which was developed in WW1, the Germans were raiding British shipping and by 1915 Britain was desperate to find a way to beat the raiders, they come with the idea of arming a freighter with hidden weapons which could be hidden until needed, making the ship look like any other unarmed merchant ship. When a raider appeared (German submarines usually attacked convoys with their deck gun, to save precious torpedoes) the Q-ship could bring out its weaponry and sink the raider, these ships were also used by the US Navy. Q-ships later served in WW2 against German and Japanese submarines, some say they could also be used to combat modern-day pirates.