"No report? Sergeant Qade will have our heads."
―Officer Tobyl to Jaina Solo[src]

Qade was a male police officer on the Galactic Alliance capital planet Coruscant during the Second Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Alliance and the Confederation.[1] By 41 ABY,[2] he had achieved the rank of Sergeant in the Coruscant Security Force. During that time, he had earned a reputation as an honest officer who always demanded a full report on events from his subordinates. While attempting to rescue Jedi Ben Skywalker from a Galactic Alliance Guard operation, Jedi Knight Jaina Solo was stopped by CSF Officers Tobyl and Jat'ho. She convinced them to let her pass using a combination of a mind trick and a cover story pretending to investigate Sergeant Qade. The two officers believed her and she was able to commandeer the medwagon the officers had been guarding and pursue the vehicle carrying Skywalker.[1]

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Qade is mentioned briefly in Legacy of the Force: Invincible by Troy Denning, a 2008 novel released as part of the Legacy of the Force storyline.[1]


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