Qella was the language of the Qella.

While on the Teljkon Vagabond, Lando Calrissian asked C-3PO whether Qella was one of the six million languages he understood, however it was not. Lando asked if it was related to any other languages he knew, comparable to knowing Torrock to get by when communicating with those versed in Thobek or Wehttam. C-3PO, as a first contact procedure with the Vagabond, had previously gone through any languages that might have been closely related to it via astrographic proximity, starting with the eight hundred seventy-three languages spoken in the sector of the Qella, and then continued with the three thousand, two hundred and seven languages with direct linguistic ties to those languages. He calculated completion of the initial series in 4.2 standard days, too long for Lando to wait before using the cutting blaster to make a new door.