"I'm only a simple trained killer, but something tells me never to eat in a restaurant with a bad pun over the door."
"You haven't tried the food yet. That'll leave no room for doubt."
RC-1207 and Kal Skirata[src]

Qibbu's Hut was a shady cantina and hotel in Coruscant's entertainment district, owned by Qibbu the Hutt. The waitress was a Twi'lek called Laseema. During the Clone Wars, Kal Skirata demanded that Qibbu let him use the top floor of the Hut as a base of operations. Qibbu agreed to do so, to repay a debt of five hundred thousand credits.

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Qibbu's Hut first appeared in Star Wars canon in the Republic Commando novel Republic Commando: Triple Zero, written by author Karen Traviss and published February 28, 2006. The cantina was later mentioned in Traviss' sequels to Triple Zero, True Colors and Order 66, published on October 30, 2007 and September 16, 2008, respectively.


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