"Your master is a hard man, Girik. It's not easy to trap a Hutt, let alone the entire Cartel. It seems we have no other choice."

Qiltakka was a Hutt who was a member of the Hutt Cartel. In 3643 BBY, Qiltakka was with a fellow Hutt by the name of Ybann in a Hutt Cartel safe house on Nar Shaddaa[1]. Apparently, Qiltakka and Ybann were negotiating a treaty between the Sith and another power, most likely the Hutt Cartel since the deal was taking place in the Cartel's safe house, when Darth Baras's apprentice had came in and interrupted them.

Qiltakka and Ybann then brokered a deal with the intruder that if he defeated Girik then the Hutts would delay their treaty with the Sith[1]. Qiltakka then asked Ybann who he was betting for and said he was betting for Girik. However, Baras's apprentice didn't accept the deal and attacked Girik and the Cartel's bodyguards. The apprentice then killed Qiltakka and Ybann[1].


Like several Hutts of the Old Republic era who had to work with technology, Juvard Illip Oggurobb for example, Qiltakka wore an computer interface visor that covered up his right eye.


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