Qina was a periwinkle moon of the gas giant of Hanchin, in the Moddell sector. It was wild and very beautiful, with very short nights and a constant green glow from Hanchin. Periodically, however, a Hanchin-set would occur, where the gas giant would fall below the horizon, causing a much darker nighttime.

It was the location of Inicus Mont, a Vashan religious retreat. Each year, around mid-winter, millions of Vashan pilgrims would make their way to the moon to repent. The ceremony was led by Vashan priests known as bohdis.

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As Jason Fry confirmed in the endnotes to The Essential Atlas, Qina was initially misidentified as Mina in the Star Wars Gamer 9 article. The moon is also labeled "Mina" in entries related to Hanchin in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.


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