Qormots were omnivorous forest creatures from the planet Yeshocq's southern hemisphere. They were stocky quadrupeds with sharp claws and teeth. A qormot could easily be recognized from the single eye in the middle of its forehead, and the array of quills sticking out of its spine and flanks. These quills could actually be launched at opponents up to twelve meters away, though the effective range was limited to about five meters due to the poor depth perception of the qormot's single eye.

Qormots were relatively docile during most of Yeshocq's thirteen-month year, only showing aggression if rival qormots or predators encroached on the territory of their small prides. When they were roused, however, they could be quite fierce. During the mating season in late autumn, their ferocity increased, making any creature who strayed into qormot territory a likely target. This included other qormots, as the females violently battled one another for access to choice breeding grounds.