Qornah was a male Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic during the Golden Age of the Old Republic.


A Force-sensitive raised in the ways of the Force, Qornah lived during the centuries of peace that marked the Republic's Golden Age. Trained by the Jedi Order and achieving the rank of Jedi Master, Qornah was responsible for crafting a famous holocron.[2].

During his time in service to the Order, Master Qornah selected the Initiate Kibh Jeen as his Padawan and the pair traveled the galaxy together.[3] Working together on several missions for the Jedi High Council, Master Qornah and Padawan Jeen were dispatched to the planet Almas to investigate the dark side emanations stemming from the world. Master Qornah was a noted warrior of the time, and was not fearful of what he would meet on the planet; his true shortcoming was his tendency to ignore the unpleasantness that spoils reality.[1]

Master Qornah's lack of preparedness for the worst got the best of him on this trip as he failed to notice that Padawan Jeen's mind had been assaulted by the dark side's thrall. While he had his back to Jeen, the young Jedi slew his master before he could recognize the danger he was in, and the investigation did not take place.[3]


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