The Qornah Holocron was the holocron of Jedi Master Qornah. It was very small for a holocron and was only about nine cubic centimeters in size.

It was kept in the Archive room of the Almas Academy, where it was concealed inside the bust of Master Qornah. Because of this, it was not taken by the looters that stole the various other artifacts in the Almas Academy, after it was abandoned following the Clone Wars. When Inquisitor Valin Draco came to the ruined academy, he learned from Darth Rivan's holocron the location of the Qornah Holocron and he took it and kept it strapped to his wrist. Master Denia sensed through the Force that the holocron had survived and she sent a team to the Academy to recover it, so that she could use the farseeing technique it taught to learn the identity of the species that the Empire had enslaved to help them with the Sarlacc Project. In their resulting battle with Draco, he dropped the holocron and they recovered it and brought it back with them.


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