"...the last is a lightsaber, that once belonged to a friend and great Jedi: Rahn. Use it well. Use it for good"
Morgan Katarn's holorecording to Kyle Katarn[src]

This green bladed lightsaber was created by Jedi Master Qu Rahn. He passed it onto Morgan Katarn, who in turn gave it to his son, Kyle Katarn, who used it in his duel with the Dark Jedi Yun, Gorc, Pic, and Maw. It was later destroyed by Boc Aseca.


At some point in his life, Jedi Qu Rahn built a green-bladed lightsaber for himself. After meeting Morgan Katarn, Rahn entrusted Katarn with his lightsaber, Rahn using an orange bladed lightsaber that once belonged to Master Yoda instead [1]. Morgan kept the lightsaber hidden in his home, placing it inside the body of the family droid, WeeGee. In his holorecording, Morgan left the lightsaber to his son, Kyle Katarn, urging him to use the lightsaber for good.[3]

The lightsaber remained hidden during the raid on Sulon and Morgan Katarn's capture [4], and even the homestead's ransacking by the Seven Dark Jedi and the Grave Tuskens in 5 ABY in their quest to learn the location of the Valley of the Jedi [1]. Kyle Katarn, on a mission to stop Jerec from using the power of the Valley, would then come across the lightsaber after reactivating WeeGee and watching his father's holorecording. [3]

Kylekatarn jasoncourt

Kyle Katarn wielding the lightsaber for the first time.

Kyle decided to test out the weapon, using it along with his arsenal to fight his way out of the homestead and through the irrigation channels. Kyle would carry it throughout his mission on Sulon, through Barons Hed and subsequently using it in his duel against the young Dark Jedi Yun. Katarn would further use the lightsaber in his hunt for 8t88 on the Sulon Star, and then use it once more against the Dark Jedi "brothers", Gorc and Pic. [3]
Kyle katarn1

Katarn wielding the lightsaber, after having just slain Maw

Katarn would use the saber throughout his mission on Ruusan, using it to defend himself in his duel against Maw. Upon slaying Maw in anger after Maw taunted him over his father's death, Jerec prompted Kyle to strike down the captured Jan Ors with the saber and embrace the Dark Side. However, Kyle refused. Upon escaping Jerec, Kyle crashed the Moldy Crow, and the saber was destroyed with a rock shortly thereafter by Boc Aseca. Kyle, upon Yun's sacrifice, would take up the latter's lightsaber for the remained of the mission, until he constructed his own lightsaber.[3]



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