"You are now prisoners of the Quad-linked Militant Pacifists"
Trey Courser[src]

The Quad-Linked Militant Pacifists were a front group created by Wraith Squadron in 44 ABY as ostensibly a group that destroyed weaponry. They were blamed for both the destruction of several blaster rifles on Vandor-3 and a turbolaser assembly line on Coruscant. The actual reason behind forming the group was to force the Vandor-3 law enforcement to requisition more blasters, allowing fake ones fitted with espionage droids to be circulated into the local Borsk Fey'lya Army Base.


The Wraiths made a domestic disturbance call and waited for officers to enter the building, then a fake victim would claimed that he had been attacked by his roommate, a genetically modified Kowakian monkey-lizard. Officers then would be ambushed and their rifles destroyed.


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