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Trade Federation turbolasers

Quad turbolaser batteries on a pre-Clone Wars-era Lucrehulk-class battleship.

A quad turbolaser cannon was a heavier version of the quad laser cannon and at least one variety was produced by Taim and Bak.


Quad turbolasers were magnitudes more powerful than the quad laser cannons, which were installed on many lesser warships and freighters.

Weapons of this kind was used onboard a variety of capital ships, like the Lucrehulk-class battleship,[1] the Providence-class carrier/destroyer,[2] the Acclamator-class assault ship,[3] the Victory-class Star Destroyer and the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.[4] They were also utilized as part of ground artillery by many factions, along with one- or two-barreled turbolaser cannons.[5]


Quad turbolaser towers

Quad turbolaser towers on Ralltiir in 1 BBY


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