"Okay, here's what we know. The plans for the Quadronomic Fluxer were created by a team of Nessemite designers down planetside. Once the government got wind of what that was all about, they figured as soon as word got out, Nessem would be center of a big shooting war"
Roald Lasdal, to the Rebel Alliance agents sent to recovered the schematics of the Quadronomic Fluxer[src]

The Quadronomic Fluxer was an advanced sublight engine fuel mixer component that was developed by designers on the planet Nessem during the time of the Galactic Civil War. According to rumor, the component had the potential to increase the sublight speeds of small starships by up to 20%, but had no effect when a ship was traveling in hyperspace. When the Nessem government learned of the component's development, they feared that once the existence of the fluxer was revealed, it would bring war to Nessem. However, despite their concerns, the government began making plans to sell the component's schematics to the highest bidder and they stored a copy of the plans aboard a capital ship that was docked with the Nessem Shipyards. The Rebel Alliance learned of the existence of the Quadronomic Fluxer and they sent a team of agents to the Nessem Shipyards, to obtain a copy of the component's plans. The Trandoshan mercenary Ssorku also learned of the fluxer's existence, and he stole a copy of the plans and concealed them inside a kloo horn.