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The Quarek'k was a large bar complex located on Coruscant shortly after the rise of the Galactic Empire. Literally meaning dive in the Neimoidian language, the Quarek'k was home to several smaller barrooms that catered to many different species. Located in the undercity of the city-planet; to enter, one walked through a portal on the street and dropped by repulsor a story to a waiting pedway, all the while being scanned for weapons.

Among the barrooms were the Crimson Redrum and the Green Dystopia. Aurra Sing visited the dive when on the hunt for Jax Pavan.

At some point afterward, the singer Alai Jance came to the attention of the Black Sun vigo and former Mandalorian Hityamun Kris while performing a song cycle in the Quarek'kk about Human immigrants on the world Mandalore, and the pair subsequently pursued a romantic relationship.[1]


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