"Let me go!"
―Princess Kneesaa[src]

Quarfs were shapeshifting creatures that had the ability to fly as well as send signals through a horn in the middle of their foreheads. The only known quarf was seen on the forest moon of Endor where it went by the nickname "Silky" as it was dubbed by young Ewoks from Bright Tree Village. In reality, "Silky" was the servant of the Dark Enchantress Jadru, sent to kidnap the Ewoks' Princess.

Kneesaa and Silky

"Silky" in his transformed disguise.

Quarfs had powerful shape shifting abilities, and "Silky" was able to change his reptilian appearance into that of a beautiful horse-shaped creature, hiding his wings. Quarfs had excellent hearing as well as the ability to send signals to their "masters" from the prominent horn displayed on their brow that stayed displayed even after shape shifting. They also were strong beasts and could carry a rider on their back as they flew through the air. Although Quarfs could follow complicated instructions, they served as pets and were never seen displaying conscious decision making abilities.