"Men are expendable, skimmers definitely are not!"
Governor Quarg[src]

Quarg was the fat, self-styled governor of a huge city-ship and its ship-dwellers that ran a scavenging operation on the water-covered planet of Drexel.


During the time of the Galactic Republic Quarg's father was the governor of the Korteen asteroid belt, an area whose residents posed as miners but were actually scavengers. Soon this activity caught the attention of Jedi Knights who forced the scavengers from their residence and sent them limping to the remote, water-covered planet Drexel. There, the scavengers were divided, and rebels became the Dragon Lords, against Quarg's portion.

When Luke Skywalker, on a mission to find a new location for the Rebel base, encountered the Drexel system, he thought it a good candidate inititally, but his ship was quickly brought down by the scavengers' jamming signal. The scavengers sent out hydra craft to recover Skywalker's scout ship, but were thwarted by the Dragon Lords. As substitute they brought Skywalker and his droids R2-D2 and C-3PO back to their base in the hope that Quarg would accept them as adequate replacements for the lost ship. Quarg intended to have the droids stripped down for parts but Skywalker convinced him that they would serve him better kept intact as the ship's repair crew. After a test of their abilities, Quarg agreed with Skywalker, although the master machinesmith objected and attacked Skywalker out of desperation. Skywalker defeated the mechanic, and Quarg had the man hanged as a warning to others who may have objected to his decisions.

A turning point in the conflict with the Dragon Lords was at hand: Crimson Jack's battlecruiser entered the system and the scavengers were intent on bringing it down as it would provide enough precious metal to last a lifetime. Much to their dismay, the jamming equipment wasn't powerful enough to bring down the huge cruiser; it could only hold it in place. Quarg insisted that they keep trying. The Dragon Lords, desperate to stop the scavengers, attacked the city-ship with all of their might. By this time the Millennium Falcon and her crew had arrived on Drexel right in the middle of the battle, and in the confusion were attacked by the scavengers. Han Solo was rescued by the Dragon Lords while Chewbacca and Princess Leia Organa were captured by Quarg and used as hostages to force Luke to continue to work for Quarg. Skywalker pretended to be augmenting the jamming equipment by using the Millennium Falcon's engines, but instead he reactivated the Falcon's guns in order to attack the city-ship. During the battle, Chewbacca broke free of his prison. Skywalker took the opportunity to free Leia Organa from Quarg just as he was trying to force her off the top of the ship's mainmast, and in doing so knocked the governor into the water. Then Han Solo used the Falcon's guns to fire on the ship, destroying the jamming equipment and allowing the Rebels to escape the planet.



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