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The Alanciari Keshiri woman Quarra Thayn had a female cousin who worked as a signal officer at the signal station in the town of Kerebba. Kerebba was a military supply center that was situated on one of the canals which emptied into one of the bays defined by the Six Claws, a region of peninsulas in southern Alanciar. In 2978 BBY, she had a relationship with fellow signal officer Jogan Halder, who was stationed at the fort of Point Defiance on the southernmost peninsula of Garrow's Neck.

She received several months worth of tales which had been transmitted to her by Jogan, who used his station's semaphore machine. She then shared these tales with her cousin Quarra Thayn, who was doing a routine visit to Kerebba. Thayn enjoyed Halder's writings and fell in love with the author. When her cousin was reassigned, Quarra managed to transmit signals to Halder through the signal station at Uhrar introducing herself. This began a three-year secret relationship which culminated in Quarra's visit to Point Defiance in 2975 BBY, which coincided with the Lost Tribe of Sith's invasion of Alanciar.