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The Quarren Isolation League was an organization that believed the Quarren should not be ruled by the Mon Calamari monarchy. It was led by the Quarren chieftain Nossor Ri, who believed King Yos Kolina's heir, Prince Lee-Char, was too young to inherit his throne. It received the backing of Separatist ambassador Riff Tamson, Kolina's secret assassin, who sought to exploit the League to conquer Mon Cala.

Tamson spearheaded an attack on the Mon Calamari flanked by aqua droids, Trident-class ships and later Hydroid Medusas. Although they defeated the Mon Calamari Guard, their Republic and Jedi allies, and the Gungan Grand Army, Lee-Char convinced Nossor Ri to turn on Tamson after the Karkarodon revealed he made a deal with Dooku to take control of the planet. After Tamson died, Lee-Char was crowned king with Mon Calamari and Quarren backing.

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