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"Why do we have to travel by subtram? Wouldn't it be easier just to land at our destination?"
"You'd think so. The atmosphere of our planet is completely pressurized, leaving all aerial travel impossible. If we attempted to land on the planet's surface, our ship would immediately implode."
"Subtram it is, then."
Boba Fett and Major Rigosso[src]

Quarzite was a small planet whose high atmospheric pressure rendered its surface uninhabitable. However, the planet's crystalline caverns were capable of supporting life, and were home to the warring Belugans and Kage. During the Clone Wars, it was ruled by the Belugan dictator Lord Otua Blank.[1]

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Description Edit

The planet was purple in color, and its interior was dotted with crystalline caverns of equalized pressure, allowing for life to be present on the planet.

An immense turbolift shaft allowed access to these interior habitable regions from space, and Subtram was the primary method of planetary travel.



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