"Why should I accept death for myself and my city merely because the Queen of the White has arisen?"
―Queen of the Red[src]

The Queen of the White was a title that was held by one of the three Quesoth Queens, the rulers of the Quesoth species. The Quesoth underwent a cycle whereby the Queen of the White would reign from the White City on the planet Quethold for a number of years until her death. She would then be replaced by the Queen of the Black and on the Queen of the Black's death, the Queen of the Red would emerge. The Queen of the Red would then, in turn, be replaced by the Queen of the Red, and the process would repeat itself.

In 8 ABY, the reigning Queen of the Red made a pact with the alien warlord Nuso Esva, whereby Esva would help her to murder the Queen of the White, to prevent the Red Queen from being replaced by her successor. However, before the pair could enact their plan, Esva and the Queen of the Red were killed during an attack on Quethold by the forces of the Empire of the Hand.


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