The Queensguard were a military unit of bodyguards that were charged with the protection of the Queen of the Royal House of Alderaan. By the time of the Great Galactic War, the royal family was House Panteer and the Queensguard were charged with the protection of their Queen.


During the Cold War, a fatally wounded Sir Deris Panteer of the Queensguard was in the search of the original royal crown of Alderaan and found that it was in a container by the river where the Panteer Royal Transport crashed in the Glarus Valley. He tasked a traveler with the recovery of the crown from the wreckage and taking it to Captain Lieber at the Panteer hideout.

Samara Organa attempted to discern the truth about the assassination of Senator Gaul Panteer and uncover his murderer. She was allied with Captain Orrick Gwyndon of the Panteer Queensguard where they tasked a Republic ally with recovering the assassination holorecording from the library in the Holo Archives of Castle Panteer.

The Sith Empire attempted to bring about House Panteer's favor by eliminating Bouris Ulgo and aimed to reinstate the house. Lord Aurren Tuile Panteer dispatched an elite detachment of the Queensguard to accompany the Sith with the intention of arresting Bouris Ulgo. After the successfully completion of the task, a captain of the Queensguard resided in the throne room of Castle Panteer where he awaited the status of Bouris Ulgo.