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Quelii sector

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"But, but that can't be! That's in the Quelii sector! Warlord Zsinj's territory!"
Han Solo[src]

The Quelii sector, also known as the Axxila sector, was an isolated region of the Outer Rim Territories. Planets in Quelii included Corstris, Pil Diller, Varn, Vinsoth, Amorris, Dathomir, Axxila, and Selaggis VI. The Quelii sector neighbored the Oricho sector. In the New Order it was part of Quelii Oversector.

It was controlled by the Drackmarians for generations; but under the Empire, it became the basis of the heavily militarized Quelii Oversector, and after the Battle of Endor, the oversector's Imperial commander, Admiral Zsinj, seized control as a warlord and made the area the center of his personal empire.

Behind the scenesEdit

Star Wars: Rebellion incorrectly places Kirrek, Rafa IV, and Thrakia in the Quelii sector. Kirrek is in the Deep Core;[20] Rafa is in the Centrality;[21] Thrakia is in the Hapes Cluster.[6] Additionally, the game and Star Wars: Rebellion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide mistakenly spell the sector as "Quelli."

Given that the territory of Warlord Zsinj included the Quelii sector, some of the worlds affiliated with him may be with this sector. These include the Halmad system, the planet Lavisar,[16] and the Vahaba asteroid belt.[17] The planet Ova had temples with glyphs relating to Dathomir, suggesting proximity to that planet. On this basis, Ova may also be in the Quelii sector.[5]



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